2017 Tournaments

Captains Meeting: 
October 20th 5:30 PM to 8 PM  
Captains meetings are mandatory for all anglers.

Tournament Day:
October 21st Launch at Safe Light
Scales Open 2PM and Close at 4PM   

Froggie's Bait Dock, Port O'Connor Texas

Entry Fees:
Team Registration: $500
Registration Fee: $45
Big Fish Side Pot: $100
Angler Advantage: $100

2017 Redfish Rivalry Championship Results

PlaceCaptain and PartnerBig FishTotal
1Cooper Hartmann & Garrett Wygrygs8.3115.03
2AJ Kuester & Sonny Leal7.2614.38
3Jason Wagenfehr & Elisha Wagenfehr7.4913.93
4Benjamin Human & Andy Gallegos13.35
5John Cambron & Chad Henson12.04
6Levi Price & Donnie Price5.6610.34
7Doug Colvin & Jeremy Turner10.32
8Chuck McKinny & Richard McKinny10.02
9Chris Frederking & Steve Hopkins9.78
10Michael Bosse & Clint Oneal8.79
11Rudy Keilman & Andy Bryant8.25
12Mike Donewar & Luke Donewar7.72
13Donald Lawson & Pete Muniz3.34
14Leslie Littles & Demetric Wells0
15Mason Lincoln & Melissa Lincoln0
16Dustin Lloyd & Bruce Smiley0

Only the Top 20 Teams from the North and South Divisions will be eligible to register and compete in this event. Should teams from the Top 20 fail to register or decline registration prior to August 31st we will open registration to the next team(s) based on their End Of Year placement. In this case we will contact you directly. If you are NOT one of the Top 20 Teams or have not been contacted by the Redfish Rivalry Team DO NOT REGISTER.

North Top 20 Teams

Place2017 Redfish Rivalry North TeamAprilJuneAugTotal
1Jeremy Reeves - Tony Viator989998295
2Jared Adams - Michael Fesco91100100291
3Robert Jones - Josh Arnold999195285
4Michael Bosse - Clint ONeal929684272
5Cooper Hartman - Garrett Wygrys948393270
6Toby Tyler - Jona Than Wilkinson869486266
7Brodie Cooper - Matthew Roubieo898888265
8Justin Lowry - Leslie Gourley909083263
9Dustin Lloyd - Bruce Smiley838991263
10Alan Hall - Kaitlynn Hill - Hunter Rising819285258
11William Pandolph - Ryan Battistoni739387253
12Jay Moore - Mike Donewar858279246
13Josh White - Mason Sherrill889559242
14Justin Cooper - Daniel Puckett936282237
15Chris Frederking - Steve Hopkins706297229
16Kevin Roberts - Chance Angel - Aaron Grimes788759224
17Josh Cambron - Chad Henson728659217
18Donald Lawson - Pete Muniz718459214
19Pete Lopez Jr - Carlos Lopez506296208
20Lawrence Sanchez Jr - Lawrence Sanchez Sr506289201

South Top 20 Teams

Place2017 Redfish Rivalry South TeamAprilJuneAugTotal
1Leslie Littles - Demetric Wells969794287
2Levi Price - Donnie Price988299279
3Kyle Ross - Jason Trevino928693271
4Paul Braly - Brett Caron7299100271
5Jim Coffey - AJ Kuester8510077262
6Dwayne Clark - Pistol Ahrens769689261
7Carson Bashaw - Yancy Griffith1006296258
8Benjamin Human - Andy Gallegos689198257
9Cody Barton - Preston Whitley798195255
10Dillion Beck - Jeremie Faldyn809380253
11Joshua Clark - Robert Carr - Bryson Becker788981248
12Spencer Higgs - Steven Rasco887585248
13Mason Lincoln - Melissa Lincoln698891248
14Matt McNeill - Bartt Caron818776244
15Nathan Beabout - Jason Wagenfehr936082235
16Coby Young - Miguel Martinez - D Durham559584234
17Rudy Keilman - Rene Ramirez529288232
18John Weaver - Ryan Weaver - Hogan Aydam956567227
19Ron Henne Jr - Jay Nichols - G Mokry837370226
20Tanner Obeck - Tanner Thompson579174222